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10 Amazing Ways To Discover Your Family Tree Online


10 Amazing Ways To Discover Your Family Tree Online

Posted on February 23 15

The internet has exploded in recent years from websites that can display an extensive list of details regarding your family tree or the genes you have inherited from your elders. From census to population surveys, you can find almost everything associated with a person by signing up on certain websites. But, as convenient as it might sound, there are several other issues associated with these websites. Like, server crashes, difficulty in finding information in large databases, and even online scams by some websites that offer you free subscriptions by allowing you to enter your credit card details which makes it susceptible to hackers. Thus, what you should learn is to access websites that are actually legitimate. That is why, today, I have brought an article for you in which I will be suggesting 10 proven ways to find your family tree conveniently without giving it a second thought. With that being said, let’s now head straight to the article.

1-Begin With Obituaries

This should be your number priority, to begin with, as digging more into your obituaries would save much time of yours. For starters, look for the closest relatives that have recently passed away; searching for close family relatives is a great way to start your investigation. This might help you discover some living relatives who can guide you in making your very own family tree. If you are still confused about the way you should proceed in discovering your family tree, then I would recommend you to subscribe to Ancestry, which is a site that keeps it quite simpler for you and has detailed search engines that would probably help you discover something new!

2- Keep Death Indexes As Your Second Option

Digging into the obituaries should get your job done. However, in some countries, there are laws that make it impermissible for you to access personal records, and it needs identity proof to begin. Whereas death records are far more unrestricted than obituaries, though, you might not be able to extract them in an overwhelming amount as many death records are still not listed on the internet. But that doesn’t mean you have hit a roadblock. You can search for deaths online by entering the city or town your ancestors resided in.

3-Dig Into The Cemetery

Narrowing down your research by heading to a cemetery could really help you. However, visiting cemeteries in different places could take ages to create your family tree. It is wise to use the internet to your advantage as you can now figure out all the details related to your ancestors while sipping your coffee at home. Several people add relevant details about their loved ones in an online cemetery. All you have to do is type a location or a sir name, after which you are good to go!

4-Use Census As Your Asset

If you have created an extensive list of details regarding your family tree by following the above methods, then it is time for you to use the census records as a tool for getting back to the future! You can start with this year’s census, after which you shall move along with it to gain access to your history. However, it might get difficult for you to extract some useful details from the censuses prior as people back then were not fond of technology, which is why they often typed their useful information with several spelling errors. In this case, Ancestry might be able to help you through their expertly optimized search engines.

5-Visit The Exact Location

After doing all of the above homework, you should now go for a reliable source to find some detailed information about the raw data you have gathered. But most websites only exist to waste your time. Hence, I would suggest you subscribe to Ancestry as the site lives and breathes reliable information.

6-Library To Discover Your Family Tree

Now, if you have already given up the idea of getting your family tree straight, you must understand that gathering so much information is not an easy job to pull off and requires extreme dedication and consistency in order for you to reach your end goal. Therefore, your next stop should be at the library, that’s right! Libraries have always been the first life savers, especially when it comes down to getting some useful information. You can visit a public library or could access records by sitting at home, just look for some books in the “FAMILY” or “GENELOGY” section.

7-Search Message Boards

If you are someone who runs away from the idea of going to the library or if it’s just due to the shortage of time, either way, message boards can really help you in clearing your vision. You can join Whatsapp groups, google groups, or if you like it a bit old school, you can always count on Yahoo.com. You can check pinned messages or gain access to archives, or you can simply ask someone to assist you.

8-Distinguishing Between Family Trees

There are an overwhelming number of websites from where you can reach your family tree. Hence, after getting a proper grip on your family ethnicity and genes, you should now head to a website to verify what you are about to create. Ancestry has got the upper hand on this one, too, as the site properly distinguishes various family trees.

9-Look For Job Occupations And Status

After collecting so much data from various resources, you can still probably leave out some people behind. It would be wise for you to search through military records, job occupations prior to death, or a business that someone might have had. This would ensure and make your family tree strong as well as reliable.

10-Use Subscription Sites As An Alternate

Let’s be honest; not everyone wants to hustle in creating a family tree, and some people like to keep things within their comfort zone. Speaking of which, Ancestry is the way you should be headed as the site offers almost everything that could be related to your ancestors. This would not only save you time but will also allow you to create your very own family tree efficiently.