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A List of things to pack when traveling


A List of things to pack when traveling

Posted on August 22 5

When you are going somewhere to travel, packing is the most difficult chore to take care of as it requires so many little handy things that you have to take apart from your clothes.

Have a big trip coming up? If yes, we’ve got your back with the list of things you may require during your travel.

Passport and identity card

The first thing you need to take care of when going anywhere abroad or any place in your country is your passport and your country’s identity card as it helps you to go through checkpoints or enter another country.

Without this very important document, you cannot get your visa approved as well and cannot enter the airport premises too therefore it is better to keep the passport in a fanny pack or handbag for easy handling.


Even though some people might not agree, toiletries which include your towel, shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, face wash, and soap are a very essential part of your travel backpack. They are an important keep because your hotel or staying place might not have them or you won’t get the same quality products if you are travelling abroad.

For women, we also suggest keeping a few sanitary napkins in your backpack as you may need them in an emergency or can help a friend as well.


The third thing which is necessary to keep is a pair of slippers or shoes. We highly recommend you do some homework before your travel and make a judgment on which one of the two you may require.

Slippers might come in handy to use for your hotel bathroom as well as are comfortable and easy to slip into when you are in a hurry or want to be comfortable. On the other hand, if you are going to a cold place or someplace where it rains or snows, then keeping a pair of boots or close shoes is a much better option.

Sunscreen and Moisturizer

Another necessary thing to keep in your backpack is a small bottle of sunscreen and moisturizer. Protecting your skin from the sun`s UV rays is very important whether you are travelling in the summer or winter. Not making use of sunscreen can burn your skin which can have long-term effects so it is better to be safe than sorry.

Moisturizers are also an important keep as they can help in dry weather and prevent your skin from getting cracked or scaly.


Body sprays, mists, and deodorants are a beauty in themselves and also one of the items which can save you at times when you are in a hurry or lazy enough to not take a shower.

Spraying deodorants during your travel can also help you refresh your self so why not keep it with you?

However, it is better to pack deodorants in your luggage when travelling by air as during checking, the airport workers may take your spray bottle out for safety purposes.

Wet Wipes

This might sound weird but wet wipes are also one of the important things to pack when travelling anywhere.

A small pack of wet tissues or wipes can do many wonders, such as you can wipe your hands with them when you want to eat something, wipe your face and remove your makeup as wet wipes do an incredible job in extracting all dust particles and act as a makeup remover as well. You can even wipe your baby’s butt if you have one and save a lot of time in that matter as well.


Keeping a pack of medicines with you is also very necessary during your travel. People often get sick and tired as well as get stressed at the time of travelling which pain killers save the day.

Medicines such as pain killers, hydrating sachets, and cough drops are a few essentials that may be required when travelling. It is also better to keep a few bandages in your backpack if you get hurt during travel.

Phone chargers and Power banks

Nowadays, living without a phone is impossible, and the importance of this gadget increases ten times at the time of travelling as it helps to see routes to different spots and keep in touch with your loved ones.

Chargers and power banks are very much necessary to keep your mobile phones going and can also be used when there is no charging socket available.


Socks not only will help you prevent your shoes from getting sweaty during your travel but will also be of use to keep them warm. You can even walk in your socks in your hotel room.

If you are going somewhere cold, thick woollen or cotton socks are recommended, which you can buy anywhere

Thread and Needle

Lastly, we also recommend keeping a thread and needle in your backpack as you may need them in an emergency.

If your clothes get torn, or your socks get a hole in them, or even if your bag gets torn, the thread and needle can help you survive with them throughout the trip.

All the things mentioned above can help you save your travel and make it a wonderful experience as well. Sometimes people do forget what they need to put in their suitcase and the list of items mentioned above can help you remember them.

A tip for packing your suitcase is to keep the heavy stuff at the bottom, liquids and bottles sealed and kept in a shopper or plastic bag as well as to make more space, roll your clothes instead of folding them.