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Best Selling Drop Products of 2022 So Far


Best Selling Drop Products of 2022 So Far

Posted on August 22 26

This is a digital age, and we are all into computers, laptops, headphones, keyboards and other essential gear and rightly so. However, our work structures depend on our laptops, desktop systems and accessories in this day and age, and the equipment needs to be updated to perform efficiently. 


Drop is an e-commerce retail platform providing an innovative yet diverse range of tech products for efficient everyday use.  


Drop’s Best-selling Products This Year So Far


This modern age demands contemporary gear to keep work and experience up a notch. With amazing user experience, these uber-novel products have been the best (from headphones to keyboards and more) from Drop this year so far. 


Drop Signature Series Blue Hour Keyboard


This high-end keyboard has been hand-assembled in the USA and comes with an RGB backlight showing blue as the thematic colour. Made of an anodized CNC aluminium frame and bearing 67 keys, it can be synced with QMK firmware. It has to Drop phantom stabilizers to give great support and stability without any loose grip while being used. 

This novel design keyboard comes with a colourway customization option. In case of a change of theme, the hot-swappable switches can be removed with other choices of switches, entirely changing its’ original feel. It is equipped with USB-A and USB-C cable connectors. 


Drop Control Mechanical Keyboard


A keyboard that is designed keeping in mind aesthetics as well as functions. As the name Control suggests, the user has full command and control over it while using it, and it is quite customizable also. Aesthetically, it is one of the most pleasing keyboards, which has an RGB under light and a backlight that can be modified. The light behind the keys is quite visible and can display different colour schemes and one single, as per preference. For each key, there are millions of colours to choose from without the hassle of spark. Have the best user experience with LEDs that function at 100 Hz frequency. 


Made of heavy, sturdy form, the switches of this keyboard come in two different styles, thick and solid or light. The key switches are easily changeable as they come off with detachable feet and keyboard height adjustment. The key caps shine through PBT proof; meaning doesn’t display any shine if the keys are oily or dirty. What’s great is that it comes in two colours: black and Space grey. 


Made of an anodized aluminium frame, it has to hot-swap switches, 87 keys, dual USB-C connectors having the fastest connections, and is quite manageable through QMK.


Drop + Hifi Man HE 4XX Planar Magnetic Headphone


These headphones are one of a kind because of their attention to detail while designing them. Comfortable user experience has been on top priority, with soft foam padding and velour touching around the ears, with a spring steel headband, keeping in mind that it doesn’t lose the original shape. 

The form is set in deep midnight blue, making it stylish and easy to wear for longer periods. It also comes with a yearlong warranty with strong steel gimbal and magnetic drivers, flexible sliders, and a broad range frequency from 20 Hz-35kHz.  


Mass Drop x SennHeiser HD 58X Headphones


The headphones with 150-ohm drivers and less intensification while upholding the driver size are great in sound quality. The sound is quite clean, with upper midrange, hits the perfect frequency, and is equally audible on both sides. They can easily be synced with smartphones or audio devices. The best part is it can be dismantled with our hands, with changeable parts which can be replaced or exchanged with other models of the series. Comes with a six feet-long detachable cable, other models in its’ own series and is best for quiet places rather than noisy areas.     


Mindfully designed to befit the ears according to the natural shape, with a padded headband for a comfortable listening experience for long hours. 


All these innovative tech products are available at the Drop, with many options: headphones, keyboards, wrist rests, key switch caps, desk mats, gaming headsets, cables, speakers, turntables and more. Moreover, you can avail yourself of reduced prices, exclusive deals, and shipment facilities.