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Easy Breezy Beauty Hacks


Easy Breezy Beauty Hacks

Posted on August 22 11

We`ve all had those days when the snooze button is your best friend, and sometimes your beauty routine has to take a back seat to more important things like sleep. The more time you have to spend perfecting the cat-eye technique or watching YouTube videos to contour your face like the pros, the less time you have.

As much as we enjoy pampering ourselves, sometimes doing the bare minimum is the best we can do when we`re pressed for time, running late, or working from home. These 10 beauty hacks will save you not only time and money but also your sanity.

Powdering nose

Powdering your nose with your compact is a thing of the past. If you don`t want your makeup to move an inch throughout the day, try a setting spray or powder. Apply it in the morning and your look will last throughout your errands, meetings, meals, and other activities.

Facial wipes work the best

Face wipes should be kept on your nightstand. If you`ve had a long day, the last thing you want to do is spend 10 minutes doing your nightly beauty routine before falling asleep. You can avoid waking up with mascara-crusted eyes and a lipstick-stained pillowcase by keeping a few makeup-removing face wipes next to your bed.

Dry shampoo

Do we need to say anything else? Spray some dry shampoo directly on your roots to bring your style back to life on the second (or third) day. This versatile beauty product also adds volume, keeps your curls from clumping, and provides a light hold without giving you a helmet-head look. There are so many different colors and scents to choose from, so find one you like and stick with it.

Cracked feet are not a problem

Apply peppermint moisturizer or Vaseline to your tired and cracked feet before slipping on some comfortable, cushioned socks. That`s all! You`ll awake with soft, smooth feet, ready to face the day.

Feel fresh, appear fresh

Long night out with the kids, working on a side project, or perhaps one too many summer cocktails at happy hour? Everyone has been there. Line the inner rim of your eyelash line with a neutral-colored pencil to give the appearance of getting a full 8 hours.

A single product, multitasking

All-in-one products save both time and money. Any opportunity to skip steps and combine the number of products in our bags is a win.

Get rid of odors

Have you had time to wash your favourite outfit for a dinner party? Not a problem! Hang it in the breeze to refresh the fabric that has been sitting in a corner of your closet. Spray the garment with your favourite room spray or fabric freshener and iron it out to get rid of any odors and creases. Put it on, spin around, and you`re out the door!

Beachy waves

Want to have flowing beach waves but don`t want to put in a lot of effort? Before going to bed, braid your towel-dried hair. When you wake up, blow dry it and run a flat iron over the plait to ensure it`s smooth and dry. Untie the braid for a lovely look.

Easily remove creases

Using your straightener as an iron saves time. We know this isn`t *technically* a beauty hack, but we`re finding it increasingly useful, especially with all of the bell-sleeve tops in style! Instead of plugging in your iron or steamer, use your hair straightener, which is already in your possession from getting ready. It`s also the ideal size for removing creases from your outfit before you dash out the door.

Fix your hair

Spray your bobby pins with hairspray. This is a simple beauty hack that is well worth the effort in the long run. You won`t have to waste time readjusting your hairstyle throughout the day if you use this trick.

Frizz free hairs

Get rid of your rough towels! Their fibres cause far too much friction, no matter how gently you claim to be using them, resulting in more split ends. To dry your hair, use a microfiber towel or a cotton t-shirt, especially if you have textured, curly, or wavy hair.

Long lasting lipstick

Simply apply your favourite lipstick and blot it with a tissue. Apply another thin, even layer, and then gently press tissue paper against your lips. To set the pigments, sift some translucent loose powder through the tissue.

Color pops

How many times have you attempted to apply vibrant eyeshadows only to have them look extremely dull on your eyelids? To make the colors pop, apply a white kohl pencil to the eyelids after applying a primer and blending well. Apply eyeshadow to this layer to reveal the true colors!

Bigger and better eyes

You know how when you apply mascara, you sweep the wand upwards? Here`s a pro tip: sweep it upwards AND sideways towards your nose to make your lashes appear fuller and your eyes appear larger!

These hacks will simply solve all your problems and will save you a lot of time. Try these today and make yourself stand out.