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How Noom is helping people get fitter than yesterday


How Noom is helping people get fitter than yesterday

Posted on August 22 22

We have many food choices and options at home or eat out. Mind you, most of them are so crazy tempting that you end up getting confused even before we satiate our instant gratification urge. Let`s face it! We all get lured and mostly opt for the not-so-healthy and nutritious choices, also while eating restrictively. 


We can neither avoid comfort food that impulsive binge eating nor can we always be on a diet. So what to do? Noom comes here in this scene.


What is Noom?


A digital (mobile phone app) platform, with a mission to inspire people to opt for a complete behavioral makeover towards food, consumption, and healthy lifestyle backed by the behavioral health connoisseurs who have researched about obesity and the consequences such as diabetes, hypertension that come with it. 


It`s not just a workout app but also serves to aware consumers of their mindset, emotions, behaviour, health, and choices about food in general. The mission to alter people`s perspectives about food for life is more important than just having healthy meals for a certain period of time with a short-term intention to lose a few pounds. 


Let`s Get Started with Noom


Getting started is easy but goes a long way, developing good healthy habits for life. Start to a new, healthier you is just a few steps away.


Step 1:


What you need to do they ask you a few questions regarding your basic information such as age, gender, weight, height, and reasons and conditions for weight management and loss. They inquire about the frequency of physical activity, risk health factors etc. All this information lets them know how and what to customize for your personal needs. 


Step 2:


This is a payable yet easy-to-download mobile app for Android and IOS phones and tab devices. Enter your username detail and get, set, go!


Step 3:  


Here you will get around ten counselling sessions, which can last from 5 to 16 minutes per day, followed by joining the behaviour trainer to connect about two times a week. Here they track the entire progress. 


What`s interesting is later, you`ll be included in a group of people who are on the same page as you are, managed by a trainer. Noom`s team of coaches, experts and trainers are quite professionally sound, always keeping track of your progress and benefitting clients with accountability through an apt caloric balance. 


Here all the information gathered earlier comes into use to give an optimal caloric balance per your body health. Along with balanced food, you need to track your daily physical activity with the reading content regarding watchful eating. Their team keeps motivating you even if you sometimes do not oblige by the plan, but above everything, you have the most responsibility. 


Noom Process


The team at "Noom" do not believe in ruling out a food group and its benefits while respecting clients` different preferences. So, to ease things up for clients, they have labelled the food groups with colours, determining the food weight and calorie density. So, calorie density determines which food items make you full easier compared to other food groups. So, let`s take a look:


Color System


Greens: Foods such as wholegrains, vegetables and fruits are listed as green foods, meaning they are packed with nutrients, with the highest water content and lowest calorie density. 


Yellows: Here, foods such as low-fat dairy products, lean meats, pulses, and beans are best to consumed in balance, as they are not as packed with nutrients as the green group and have a higher calorie density as well.


Red: Here come everyone`s preferred items like different red meats, cheese, full-fat dairy, and all the processed food. They are heavily calorically dense, with minimum nutrients. A small portion of about half a cup is sufficient for daily consumption. However, considering human needs, you are allowed to have red foods very minimally.


If you intend to lose a few kgs or maintain a healthy lifestyle, Noom makes it doable with a properly balanced healthy diet plan, apt counselling, and physical activity. Featured in Forbes health, this plan allows you to have all foods, but they aware you well enough to know to feed according to your body`s needs. You get to determine how to balance your daily caloric intake while dividing them mindfully. Let`s say if you would like a big healthy breakfast, you`ll be provided with the options to include or avoid it while mindfully reserving the caloric intake for the two meals in the day. You can choose from 1 to 3 months` plans as per your needs.