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How To Build A Daily Skincare Routine


How To Build A Daily Skincare Routine

Posted on November 22 11

Taking care of your skin is essential and should be done every single day, and people who often go out, especially women, are highly recommended to look after their skin or it could cause skin allergies, rashes and many other skin-related diseases.

If you are someone who has been blaming genetics or your DNA for bad skin then you might be mistaken as it turns out to be your fault most of the time. There are many reasons for having bad skin which we are going to discuss in this article, I would also be suggesting you a different skincare routine which can be followed and isn’t time-consuming either.





Now you must be wondering, what do hair products have to do with skin? Well, the answer is, it does have a lot to do with your skin. Hair products are very strong as they are built to hold your hair at a certain position for a long period of time and if you are someone who doesn’t use these products carefully or it comes into contact with your skin unintentionally then this might be the reason you have developed so much acne lately.



Facial hair removal might be causing unexpected skin problems, so what should one do? Should they quit removing hair from the skin? Hair removal is also necessary as it could cause germs to reside under your skin hence you should clean the products before using them and apply cleanser to remove all unwanted germs from under your skin to prevent clogging pores and acne.



Using too many skincare products or replacing a brand too quickly before your skin could get used to it might be the cause of bad skin. Pertaining to which, this might even shock you as using too many skincare or anti-ageing/acne products could cause more problems to your skin than it already has, so it is suggested to use a product for at least 3 months before switching to a new one.



Make-up removing products might also be the enemy of your dry or dull skin. Using a lower quality product to remove your make-up could cause an adverse effect on your skin, however, products are not the only enemy if you are having skin problems, the way you remove your make-up could also be the reason for it. Most women remove their make-up in a very rough manner or they neglect washing their face thoroughly, which could cause clogging pores and unwanted bacteria to accumulate under your skin.



That’s right. Travelling too much is the main reason for blackheads and dull and polluted skin. People who travel longer distances and are exposed to the environment for a long time are recommended to follow a skincare routine at least 5 times a week. Furthermore, you should wear a mask and apply sunscreen so that your skin becomes resistant to dust.





-Cleansing (washing your face).

-Toning (balancing the skin).

-Moisturizing (hydrating and softening of the skin).



Washing your face is very important for your skin texture especially in the morning as the skin releases natural nutrients overnight which when washed could be beneficial for your skin. While selecting a facial cleanser you should determine the type for your skin first as some skin cleansers might not suit you, moreover, do keep an eye on the harsh exfoliating scrubs and rough ingredients which could damage your skin in the long run.



What do you think of when you hear the word toning? Well, if we talk about what it was considered it the late 80s was a set of alcohol-based products used to dry up oily skin and any leftover dirt post-cleansing. This concept was correct but it`s vague, as today toning does not only mean cleaning the left-over dirt but also supplements which could be mixed into other products and could balance the tone of your skin. Traditionally, you can use toners with a cotton pad drowned in your toner which could waste a lot of product, hence, I would suggest you to apply the toner from your hands while keeping the quantity of the toner in check.



If we start from the basics moisturizing is the process of hydrating and softening your skin and it could assist in maintaining water levels under your skin. Moisturizers are essential because as we age our skin stops the production of moisture and due to the use of chemical products this process has been observed under many young people as well, the side effects could be detrimental as it could cause premature wrinkles, skin fungus and skin allergy. So, I would suggest you moisturize your skin daily regardless of the skin type you have. However, before purchasing a moisturizer do consider your skin type as moisturizers are used after determining the skin type.