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Shaping You Properly With Comfort


Shaping You Properly With Comfort

Posted on November 22 15

Like the majority of people detest donning shapewear. It`s always a terrible experience, whether for a wedding or a night out on the town. In addition, people disagree with the idea morally since curves shouldn`t be concealed. However, there are instances when you have to squeeze into a dress that no longer fits quite right, and in those situations, drastic measures must be used. After working remotely for months, you`ll want to look put-together yet feel comfortable when you return to the workplace.


Enter Honeylove, a premium shapewear company founded by Betsie Larkin that encourages women of all sizes and shapes to feel powerful and confident.


Many products from them are smooth, toned, slim, and feel good. With targeted compression, posture support, and even boost bands in their premium products, you can achieve the smoothest and sexiest shape imaginable.




You fell in love with them because of the Super Power Brief. It`s the traditional shapewear that every woman seeks, and it works. It will hold up for the entire evening out! It is comfortable to stay outside because there is no bothersome rolling cloth or restriction of movement.


This is for you if you`re looking for the ideal ratio of stretch and compression. They understand that you don`t want to be constricted everywhere. Thus you have support everywhere without any fabric being cut in (especially in the back).


 The Super Power Briefs are popular all year long because of their wide range of timeless hues and adjustable lengths. You can keep it in your closet during the cooler months by slipping it beneath a pair of shorts or a daring dress this summer. Runway, Sand, Mocha, and Vamp versions of the original Honeylove sculptural are also available.


Strong, targeted compression is used to keep the garment where you want it to be tight while allowing your body to breathe where it needs to. The Super Power brief supports the midsection while shaping the thigh and smoothing the booty. These briefs support your posture while preventing sliding down as you walk, thanks to their SoftFlex side construction.


If you enjoy it, you`ll enjoy the Super Power Short, a popular favorite! Like the Brief, you`ll get support where you need it with the addition of Boost Bands on the backs of your legs. You will love the sculptured appearance and also the lifting of the booty.




It is a tank that offers tailored compression, wide straps without digging in, and underbust support without wires. The LiftWear Tank combines a fantastic bra with soft shapewear. You can get all-over support and smoothing compression in a piece you may wear over your clothing or as a stylish top. It is ideal for everyday wear. This tank will stay in your wardrobe forever. We enjoyed removing our bras while still feeling safe and supported and getting a vacation from all the underwire. The SoftFlex Structures in the sides of the bra area keep the tank in place, and the tank`s no-fold hem prevents the dreaded roll-up.


People are incredibly appreciative that they prioritize high-quality fabrics! The tank is an all-day comfy alternative thanks to the breathable fabric. People have dressed and worn it casually around the house and to the office while constantly feeling comfortable.


The LiftWear Tank offers seven fashionable hues, ranging from neutral pastels to vivid scarlet. For every situation, you have your tank with yourself.




A wire-free bra with adjustable straps in your choice of 5 colors that gives you the support you need. It gives you adjustable straps with cross-over functionality for versatility. It provides comfortable, wire-free support that lasts all day without compromising style or quality. For the workweek, it is perfect.


 Bras are an essential undergarment that some people feel they need, some people adore, and others just haven`t found the ideal fit. Well, their Silhouette Bra has our full support.

We discovered that everyone appreciates their bra because it has three solid hooks and eye closures on the back, adjustable straps so every woman can find the right level of support, and no wire that digs into your sides. People are thrilled about the improvement because it elevates the conventional bra to a new level.


Excited to expand the collection with Honeylove`s other two bras if they`re anything like the Silhouette Bra. This bra is lovely beneath any shirt, whether you`re WFH or going to the office, without compromising a stitch of comfort.




       Skeletal boning


       Relaxed while standing or sitting


       The thighs are not itchy.


       "Problem areas" are compressed.




Every woman`s new go-to product is honey love. Our perception of shapewear is evolving thanks to their sculptural and liftware.


You can settle for something other than shapewear. You wouldn`t want to be seen in rolling-down clothing or lace corsets. They have discovered the ideal balance between comfort and compression. Long-time brand lovers should add it to their list, and those interested in trying it out for the first time won`t be let down.


Visit Honeylove to get shape wear that fits your lifestyle and smooth where you want it to. It also celebrates the curves you prefer.